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Ideas for Circle Meetings

Individual circles meet, usually at a circle members home, about once per month. Circle meetings should be structured with an opening ceremony, some kind of activity that includes the parent and the child, and a closing activity – often with snacks! (Some sample circle meeting agendas are posted in the documents section.)

Over the years, individual circles have come up with a variety of activities for their monthly meetings. Crafts, charity work, tours and games of all kinds have come and gone. This page is an attempt to list some of the more memorable ones.

Please send your favorites to contact@advguides.org and we’ll add it here.

Arts and Crafts:
Plate Decorating – http://makit.com/
Craft Kits like Paper Pinwheels – orientaltrading.com
Decorating / Planting Flower Pots
Pinecar Building
Pumpkin Carving / Decorating
Making Sling Shots
Pine Cone + Peanut Butter + Birdseed = Bird Feeder
Paper Airplane Making / Flight Contest
Decorate a Campout Pillowcase - Decorate a white pillow case with fabric markers / permanent markers. Make sure you put your Guides name on it! Put it in dryer or iron to “set” ink and bring it to the campouts!
Home-Made Ice Cream in a Baggie – then the kids pour the accessories on.
Weather Predictor – rock in a tripod hung by string. Instructions to observe weather are obvious. Easily accessible on line.
Make a Motor – battery, magnet, wire and conductors – popular science.
Prepare and present family genealogy and family roots to the circle. Research family name, (either side Mom or Dad) prepare report and props and present.
Prepare basic essential kits for disasters or the homeless through your church. Find the event in need and satisfy a small part of the requirement as a circle activity.
Games and Activities:
Board Games like Apples to Apples
Capture the Flag
Hot Tubbing
Snowball Fight (Dads vs Kids)
Carnival - great for spring, set up multiple challenges like shoot a basket, score a goal in hockey, treasure hunt, pennies in a bottle, pop balloon with darts, etc. Keep score with a scorecard for each participant.
Knot tying – short piece of rope, and a multitude of knots and knot history.
Away From Home:
Laser Tag
Corn Maze/Haunted Corn Maze
Huckleberry Railroad
Mini Golf (Indoor or Outdoor)
River Rouge Truck Plant Tour
Archery (Great Outdoors / Great Lakes Crossing)
Professional, Collegiate or Minor League Game
Free Press Plant Tour
The Henry Ford Museum
The Robot Garage (Birmingham)
Gleaners Food Bank
Forgotten Harvest
Red Kettle/Salvation Army
Care Packages – Military or Disaster Relief